Friday, October 7, 2011

Adam Iman's Debut

It was an excurating wait for us all.  Calls kept criss-crossing between the house and the hospital for the 5th upto late morning 6th for us to be kept updated of the hospital happenings.  We could only heave our relieved breath after 1:20 pm, October 6, 2011, with news of 3.2 kg bundle safe delivery.  He chose to arrive via vacuum suction.  He is our Adam Iman.

Adam Iman at Day 1 in grandpa's arms

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Awaiting a new addition to the family

There were gentle knocks on our bedroom door at about 2:55 am this morning.  I was half-awake, more asleep.  What finally jerked me up was when mentally reminded that our eldest was with us in the house.  She has taken leave from work while awaiting her delivery due date, expected on the 7th.  But looks like NOW is the time! 

Woke up my husband and rushed to the door.  Sure enough, my girl was at the door.  "Think my water just broke!".  That announcement got us into motion.  There was no labour pain though but we rather not risk it.  Woke up my youngest.  She chose to join us to the Serdang Hospital.  By 4:30 am we were in the car driving to the hospital, less than 10 minutes away.  The normally jam-packed road was eerily twilight zone in nature, with the approaching dawn.

We checked the expecting daughter into the maternity clinic and called the son-in-law.  He was then about an hour away at their house in Banting.  The plan was that their school going son should not be missing school, but he will need to today.  We changed shift with his arrival and head for home.  A good rest is needed to prepare for the new arrival.

We waited for news should there be some new development.  Nothing changed much even after our evening visit at about 6:30 pm.  My daughter was admitted to Ward 5F, Bed P03.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kak Noriah's Farewell

Malaysians' big heart has to be expressed.  Words do not suffice.  After the many goodbyes baded Kak Noriah, it's her turn to bade us all.  We were invited to her abode this morning for breakfast as a way of saying her goodbyes to friends who cared to be there.  I never expected such a big crowd.  She really really has a BIG heart.  Friends from all walks of her office life were there; from the corporate planner, budget manager, accountants, engineers, auditors, economista to her tea lady friends and many more.  Even I could not claim friends of her number.  I felt so humbling to be with the crowd and to top the cap of our friendship.

Kak Noriah, we wish you the very best in your retirement, may you be in good health and the Mighty Allah be blessing you always.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Office Seminar

We have this monthly office seminar where we have everybody in the office, irrespective of their position, a chance to share a subject they fancy.  Consequently, we hope there'll be knowledge sharing and idea fusion.  We have two topics scheduled for each session and we made it mandatory for all to attend, except should critical office matters arise.  I have also been using this gathering to share the latest news from the management.  Attendance had been improving lately.

A variety of topics were presented this year ranging from concern for the body cholesterol level, the computer DOS, operations of the technology pre-commercialisation fund, our achievements in the recent 5-year development plan and what it takes to be a Public Relations (PR) personnel.  Indeed these make for interesting discussions after each presentation.  The PowerPoint slides will be made available to others in the organisation through EDAMS.

The PR topic was made interesting when Akmar, the speaker, showed slides of the people they had a chance to meet, enticing those attending with oooos....and ahhhhs, from the popular tv stars to the big guys in town as the prime minister and heads of state.  Akmar was challenged with the question of the group state of preparedness in times of PR crisis.  She was very articultive in her response as a real case was narrated and how they came about handling it.  The case was the massive highland soil erosion due to poor slope management highlighted by the local media happening on our very own land.  It appeared on TV3's Aduan Rakyat (The People's Complain).

For Akmar, the high side of the job was upon getting SMSes Hari Raya messages from most directors of the organisation, members of the press and others that she has dealings with.  She felt really appreciated.

We thank you Akmar for sharing your experience.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Floaties in my eye

I have been encountering this problem for quite sometime.  At first I thought they were just stains on my glasses.  Wiping my glasses did not wipe the stains away.  What was more intriguing was that the stains stayed even when I moved my eyes.  I notice that I am having this problem with my left eye.  During one of my regular medicals, I mentioned the problem to the attending MD.  She send me to her nurse for my vision check.  Nothing wrong with my vision.  She then scribbled a note to the Opthalmology Clinic at Serdang Hospital for me to have a thorough check-up.

I went to Serdang Hospital and was given an appointment date to be seen by the eye specialist.  The date was set for 29 Sept 2011.  I was told not to come alone as they plan on putting eye-drops that will enlarge my iris to enable my eyeballs be checked.  My vision will be temporarily impaired and I am not to drive.  Sounds reasonable to me.  I need not worry as my other half will always be there for my hospital visits.

Dr. Karim, an Iranian doctor, attended to me.  There were eight UPM medical students with him.  Wow, am I a specimen here?  After listening to my complains he turned to the students, "What do you think is the problem, kids?"  His intonation surprised me.  Think things have changed for the better in medical schools.  Normally specialist doctors just shoot questions at student doctors without much care for their dignity and at times can be intimidating.  Good for the students, they are sufficiently stressed by the course, a warm and fun-learning atmosphere would make the course more enjoyable.  I for one would want them to diagnose my problem correctly.  Dr. Karim confirmed that the problem is only with my left eye.

A cutie student doctor dared answer though haltingly, half-answer, half-question, "Floatie?".  She got it right and a with a beaming smile Dr. Karim, explain my case with the students listening intensely.  Although without any history of diabetes in the family, but with hyper-tension, cholesterol slightly on the high side and age, 'floatie' is seen as a normal situation.  It has to do with the vitreous gel losing its viscosity and impurities finding its way in, thus the floaties.  But my case is very minor (Alhamdulillah) and I am told not to be excessively worried.  I am to avoid excessive drying of the eyes, so no strong wind as fan or direct air-conditioning flow to the eyes.  I was given eyedrops and that was it.

Wow...the sun really got to my eyes.  True, no way should I be driving with such a vision.

I mentioned my case to my office mates.  Seemed that I am not the only one having the problem.  Hahaha.... everybody very much in the same age bracket!  My next visit is scheduled in one year's time.  I wouldn't know should Dr. Karim be still attending to me but my thanks all the same to the kind and knowledgeable doctor and best wishes to those student doctors. 

Just for kicks I would just say, "I'll see you in a year's time".