Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unusually Loud People

Some people just want to make themselves heard, by everybody around, irrespective of place and even though we don't have ears for them.  I was at the hospital last Wednesday taking my cucu for his medical.  (Adam was diagnosed with a thyroid problem at birth and has to regularly meet up with his endocrinologist).  It was a hospital setting, crowded, what more being in a paediatric clinic.  Due to the long wait, some kids were dozing-off whilst some were screaming their heads off.  Indeed we have enough noise as it was.

Then there had to be a particular lady who was really loud.  Loud to the point of distraction and being a nuisance, let it be talking to her partner or talking over the phone.  I was really pissed off as my cucu was dozing peacefully.  No amount of stares could make her understand.  Wish I could tell her off but refrained to save my regrets later.

Seemed that this kind of people are everywhere in a crowd, let it be hospitals, bus, train, cafe, clubhouse....just name it.  I call this noise pollution and an infringement of other's auditory space and privacy.  It should not happen in a civil society but I guess we have a long way to go.