Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am a big boy now - Adam

Remember me?  Mami Tok had been too busy these days to show me to the world.  I knew she had been snapping my pics.  I flourish well and had a full run of Tok Abah's house with my walker whenever I am back during the weekend.  I know I have been an armfull (no hands can handle me now).  At 9.7 kg, Ayah Cik (Nazim) did compare me with the 10 kg rice pack!  How cruel of him.  But I know I'll melt him with my grin (toothless yet).  Nothing can stop me now, except for the boundaries set so that I would not fall down those steps.  Can't wait to see if I can just launch myself through.

02 May 2011 @ our Banting home
12 May 2012 - Tok Abah came visiting and up his lap I'll be
11 Jun 2012 - They posed me with quite a problem to solve
Yey.....nothing can make me happier with all worldly problems solved
09 Jun 2012 - As wet as a marathon runner can be

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My father's age

I was summoned by my father to be home over the weekend over some unsettled family matter.  So it was a quick balik kampung weekend trip for us.  AirAsia did come to mind but thinking of the travelling hassle later, we chose to drive.  Without the normal holiday crowd on the highway we did arrive early at my father's.  The Kajang-Kuala Kangsar-Grik-Jeli-Penglima Bayu route took us just 6 hours using the SKVE-Elite-NKVE-PLUS-Kuala Kangsar-Grik-Jeli highways!

We expect to settle the matter fast.  However, going to the Pasir Mas Land Office and a quick look at the land title by the attending officer we were told to have father's IC verified by Registration Department Head Office at Putrajaya.  For that we have to go through the State Registration Department, Kota Bahru.  Seemed that my father's ID on the title has the KN prefix.  This could be for the population of his age group.  Apart from filling the form provided by the Kota Bahru office, we have to provide a photocopy of my father's ID card.  That was when I realised he was born in 1934.

I made a mention to him in passing, calculating his age.  He laughed it off saying that that was not his real birth year for he was already able to read in 1933!  The date was a random date picked during the ID registration excercise then.  Who knows how old he is.  I figure he is in his mid 80s!

Lost in my own world

I thought I was up and about with technology and current happenings.  It was until I was helping my youngest with her class assignment that I realised I was still living the life of the dinasour era.  She is in Form Two and had been assiged to come up with a group play and has asked me for a likely topic.

Play, theater, broadway, drama...what immediately came to mind was Shakespear.  SMASH did come to mind too.

For class fun and laughter, I suggested Taming of the Shrew.  The script came easily googling the internet.  They even have children's version of it.  I had it printed out for her to share with her group to have the initial idea of things.  Alas, she came back with a long worried face for none in the group understood what the classic was all about, far from appreciating it.  I promised them an abriged version giving them just the main story line.  Still no takers.  I am lost for words.

The lot draw in class got her group as the first to be presenting.  All were panicking as they were yet to come up with an agreable story line and script with only the weekend to come up with the play.  They volunteered to be on their own but seek permission to group at a friend's place to discuss the play, in a matter of life and death.

They came up translating a song video clip to a play.  I salute their ingenuity and more importantly, keeping up with their time.  It was presented to the class getting accolades for their effort.  Another job well done.

Where does this leave me?  I have to move with their time to be with them.  Bye-bye Shakespear, welcome 'modern' literature.