Saturday, February 1, 2014

It has to be said - the Kajang by-election

Was texting a friend when asked to brief on the preamble leading to the Kajang by-election.  Without being influenced by any prior reading, what came to mind was "the need to pacify spoilt brat Azmin".  Seemed that only Anwar can make him toe the line.  Don't think Kajang needs either of these characters.  Rafizi can explain all he likes and so does former ADUN Lee.  Azmin said Kajang should be proud to have a world class leader.  Who are they taking us for?  Just put a shoe in the place and we will vote for the shoe!  Kajang do not need a bazooka to swat a fly.  Enough of being duped for change in government when it was all about fulfilling just one character's ambition.

For that matter I am wondering what Permatang Pauh folks has to say of their beloved Parliamentarian.  Has he been effecting change in town?  Kajang do not need another absentee representative.  We have been doing things that need doing ourselves, so why pay somebody to do it (when after all they won't be around to do it).  Time to show these dudes what the voters are capable of.