Thursday, May 9, 2013

The GE13 Outcome

As anticipated the sick chicken was slaughtered and the carcass became crocodile feed.  Nobody wants to gulai the sick chicken.  My brother reported his election post indeed had grilled chicken to celebrate.  It was 23,724 for Kak Lah as against 17,488 for the aye sakit.  

Tok Heng of Pasir Mas was trounced 33,431 to his 25,384 by Nik Abduh.  Che Johe was hailed a hero for not putting in his nomination papers and to allow an independent to be in a straight fight.  Datuk Kamilia was booted out off the party for going in as an independent.  One becomes a hero and the other a traitor.  It's kind of tough for me to process this kind of rationale.

And so Datuk Kamilia has only 447 voting for her.  This figure glared compared to what was garnered by Tok Heng.  Wonder what contributed to the difference.  Datuk Kamilia's defeat is not a loss.  She is saved in the bigger context.  Being a person she is, she can still pursue her manifests on different platforms, InsyaAllah.