Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ushering 2014

I wasn't there for the TURUN demo, but in show of support I'd like to keep these pics from Malaysiakini for posterity.

 The heat started with the 'trouble that is to be' 
press conference from this comic.

 The guling (roll; overthrow?) that was.  Hahaha...cute!

 These posters are worth a thought should somebody 
at Putrajaya be thinking.  Is he?  He's clueless as always.

 Nobody could defy the Jalur Gemilang.  The march is on.

The crowd that was.  
The so said main stream media reported of 'no support'.

Ushering 2014 with the people's fireworks 
(handphone lights improvisation).

Happy 2014 higher price everybody!  With the kind of highway toll being imposed, goodbye KL-KK-Grik-Jeli route.  From now on I will have to crowd the KL-Lipis-Gua Musang route to balik kampung........wondering if I still could.