Monday, May 7, 2012

Will you marry me?

Was at a nephew's engagement ceremony Saturday last (May 5, 2012).  With my husband (as always) we have to be at the meeting point earlier then scheduled.  "Let us do the waiting, and not let others be waiting for us".  To him being late for an appointment is a crime.  Lucky for us the point was by the Kelana Jaya PKNS Club and a soccer match was on-going.  So we have the game to while our time while waiting for the other family members to arrive.

With the full family members assembled, we made our way to the host's home.  We have to park quite a distance away as the place was already jam packed with relatives, friends and other guests.  We walked in the searing sun bearing the engagement gifts.  Hope nothing melts.

We were cordially received by the host and directed to the sitting area and the gifts laid out.  Then the negotiation starts with appointed representatives from both sides.  The host has a nephew as the spokesperson while we have a family friend.  I wouldn't call it a negotiation really as most issues have been pre-discussed and agreed upon.  What matters was both sides have agreed that they be officially engaged on the day with the nephew's mom menyarung cincin on the bride-to-be.  The wedding is set to be in a year's time, sometimes in March of 2013.  Quite a period to be engaged by today's standard.

Then it was the engagement lunch.  More of a feast to me as food was laid out much to everybody's satisfaction.  We said our thanks to the host and bade our goodbyes soon after.

This is the simplest engagement ceremony I have ever attended, yet some questions beget answers.  Since most of the agreement have been under cloak, I feel that it would be much simpler to have it Western style, with a gift box bearing the engagement ring and the groom-to-be asking, "Will you marry me?"   End of business and making it a real private affair between the two of them as they wished it be.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What If

What if DBKL had allowed the Bersih 3.0 gathering be held at Dataran Merdeka, would still there be chaos and the need for the police to use the tear gas?

What if the police had been rakyat friendly and facilitate the Bersih 3.0 sit-in protest (after all it was just a sit-in), would there be the need to have them in doves in KL on 2804?

What if the present government not fear the rakyats' democratic expression asking for a clean election, would the present ruling party be displaced come GE13?

What if Bersih 3.0 not be hijacked by the few highly ambitious individuals, would the calm dispersion of the gathering and the carnival atmosphere be maintained come day end?

What if the electoral rolls be cleaned up thorough, would there be voices claiming that it is still rigged and dirty?

What if those in power recognise the rise in people's power, would they drive towards a fair and just election?

What if those in power recognise that they are getting obsolete, would they readily pass-on the baton?

What if the present government concede to all Bersih 3.0 demands, would Bersih N come up with other demands?

What if there no longer be corruption, the crave for power, the greed for more, can we really dream of such a scenario?