Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deaths came our way

Come this age, places we frequent are wedding kenduris and ziarah those who were invited back by Allah.  They used to say that death of those close to you come in threes.  I had four this past few months.  

We bade our goodbyes to a brother-in-law on June 27, 2013.  He was the husband to my elder sister who had been a father figure to me while I was doing my sixth form in a boarding school away from home and the four years I was in college.  He was close to celebrating his 73rd birthday.  He succumbed to gout initiated complications.

On Eid Fitr, I had a call from my younger sister.  Apart from the usual eid greetings I was informed of a cousin's passing on August 5.  He was my uncle's only son.  His passing was indeed a shocker to us as we never knew of him being sick.  He was 36.  Seemed that his initial complain was of gastric ailment but later zeroed to auto-immunity complications.

At a friend's son wedding reception on August 18, I was informed of another friend's wife being admitted to HUKM for lung complications.  He was hushing it down and not receptive to visitors to allow the wife to rest.  On August 22, SMS were flying announcing her passing.

In the morning of August 21, my husband's cell was shrieking with an SMS.  It announced the passing of our neighbour from our old neighbourhood.  We never knew that he was admitted days earlier to the Kajang Hospital due to stroke.

Innalillahi wainnaiallirojiun.  May their souls be amongst the blessed, In shaa Allah.