Sunday, May 25, 2014

Can we believe election manifestos or are they just political gimmicks? (Updated)

Thinking it over, maybe that's a wrong title for this piece. It should have read, "Can politicians be trusted".  We have seen what happened to the manifestos brought forth in the 13th GE.  The minority winners had all but gone against their words.

Closer to home, after the PR N25 PRK win in Kajang, Kajang more-or-less remains much the same.  Both divide talk much about easing Kajang traffic congestion and the floods after massive downpours.  Meaning that whoever was elected will bring about the same change. However, these hopes went equally dead as per the election and winning excitements.  To this day, I for one would avoid Kajang town like a plaque unless for the VERY necessary.  Wondering what's happening to the promises.  Wait for another GE or PRK for a repeat of the same?

Today is Bukit Gelugor's turn to determine their representative to the Parliament.  With all but jokers trying to bid against Ramkarpal, the path is wide open for him.  It's not the win that is of concern, but the majority (difference).  I believe the outcome will be announced early tonight.  Yet again, whoever wins, will it make any difference to the life of the ordinary folks in Bukit Gelugor?  Will their worries, concerns and wishes be heard and acted upon in the August House?
DAP (Ramkarpal) won with 41,242 votes, an astounding 37,659 majority.  All other candidates bungkus losing their respective deposits.  PCM only managed to garner 3,587 votes; Mohamed Nabi Bux, 799; and Abu Bakar Sidik, 225.  Spoilt votes, 539.

We will have another show come May 31st.  Dyana is indeed a change from the mundane and has made a few peeing in their pants.  Whoever wins, will it drastically change the life of the people in Telok Intan al beit Malaysia?  I wish I have the answer, but I dream that there will be.  I wish you well Dyana.  Do make your candidacy and win a landmark for Malaysia's future, InsyaAllah.

Dyana lost with a razor thin margin of 238 votes, garnering 19,919 votes in all.  Mah won with 20157 votes.  Spoilt votes, 550.

Personal note to Dyana.
Do not despair, losing in this PRK is no loss but a personal victory for you. You have the age benefit and this experience is of tremendous value for your political future as well as the country's. Time to restrategize and put more effort in this struggle and we'll see you as a winning candidate come GE14, InsyaAllah.

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