Monday, December 30, 2013

Confusing the kids

All my grandchildren were at KLIA in the morning of 15 December 2013 to see their greatgrandpa off balik kampung.  Amir, Amira and Asyraf are Nazim's while Adam is Shaida's.  They had a run of the place, literally running all over Level 5 while waiting for Wan to be checked-in.  We were amazed at the level of energy that they have.  While the hubby attended to Wan's wheelchair need, all remaining adults were on the lookout for the grandkids.  My youngest sister, Wan Norzila (La for short), was accompanying Wan for the KL-Kota Bahru stretch.  As she'll be working the next day, the plan was to have one of the brothers waiting at the Kota Bahru Sultan Ismail Airport to take Wan home.  La will be switching flight back to Subang Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport.  It would cost us much less to just let Wan travel solo with MAS's assistance, but we would rather have a family member accompanying so as not to distress Wan any further.

With Wan and La checked-in and going off to the waiting hall we ushered the grandkids to the Anjung Tinjau (Waving Gallery).  Being early morning, the place was less crowded compared to the check-in hall and there were ample empty seats for us adults to rest our tired feet.  There was ample space for the grandkids to race around stopping only to watch the speeding inter-terminal trains or the planes taxing for take-offs or parking.  Soon they grew tired of watching the same and were back to racing each other end to end of the hall.  We let them be for over an hour before giving the younger ones their bottles while Amir and Amira had their juices, then calling it quits to head for home.  Amir and Amira were profusely thanking their parents for such a wonderful trip!  It's not that difficult to have happy kids.

Nazim and family are staying in Subang Jaya close to his work place.  It was the Monday late morning after the airport trip that he got a call from Amir and Amira to settle an argument they were having back home.  Seemed that they were building airplanes from their Lego blocks.  Amir's plane was doing the aerial flights while Amira's was merely taxiing all the way, never taking-off.  Amir was telling the sister that planes need to take-off and fly away.  Not to Amira as the planes she saw at the airport were on the ground parked or just taxiing.  She did not see any flying.  Now who is right?

Incidentally Nazim had his phone on the speaker mode thus attracting the attention of the entire office floor.  After helping settle the kids argument he got back to work.  He, however, did notice that the floor was abnormally silent as if everybody was in deep thought.  Then someone quipped, "Think the sister is right, it was what she saw".  "Planes are meant to fly," someone else responded.  Soon the whole floor was arguing!  It was a much needed break for the floor from their mundane database job.  It was really getting out of hand to have the boss popped his head out the office door to inquire what the commotion was all about.  With things explained, he offered a suggestion that Nazim take the children to the oil palm plantation off the airport to watch the planes taking off and landing.  Indeed such happenings were not seen from the Waving Gallery as the plane take-offs and landings were obstructed from view by the airport structures.  MAB do take note as children do believe what they see.

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